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Research Group Meetings

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Journal Assignments


Redbeard (Nick) - Environmental Science and Technology

Mingjie - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics,  Atmospherics Chemistry and Physics Discussions

Joanna - Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, JGR Atmospheres

Liza - Renewable Energy

Kyle - Wind Energy

Berkeley - Atmospheric Environment

Brownbeard (Nick) -

Ricardo - Cookstoves

John - Aerosols Science and Technology

Tiffany - Biogeosciences

Ashley - Journal of Air and Waste Management

Mike - Environmental Health Perspectives

Lamar - Atmospheric Environment and Aerosol Science & Technology (while Berkeley and John are gone)


Summer Meeting Schedule

Meetings are from 9-10am in the ECCH conference room or outside by the business field (if it's nice out).


5/10/13 - Spring Semester Ends 

5/15/13 - Redbeard (Nick), Ashley

5/24/13 - Tiffany, Lamar

5/31/13 - Ricardo, Brownbeard (Nick)

6/10/13 - Joanna, Mingjie

6/17/13 - Redbeard (Nick), Kyle

6/24/13 - Mike, Liza

7/1/13   - Tiffany, Ricardo

7/12/13 - Ricardo, Redbeard (Nick)

7/19/13 - John, Berkeley

7/26/13 - John, Nick Clements

8/2/13   - Joanna

8/9/13   - Berkeley

8/16/13 - No meeting

8/23/13 - No meeting

8/26/13  ***First day of fall semester classes***

We will have a group meeting every other week during the semester (alternating with the air quality meeting).


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