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Laboratory Facilities

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Particulate Monitors and Samplers:


TEOM 1405-DF Continuous Particulate Monitor (Thermo Scientific)

Low/Medium/High-Flow Filter Samplers (designed in-house)

Personal Filter Samplers (SKC)

TSP Hi-Vol Filter Samplers (from CDPHE, thank you!)

Particulate Number and Distribution Monitors (OPC/CPC/APS)


Particle-Into-Liquid Sampler (PILS)



Gas Phase Monitors and Instruments:

Gas-Phase Sensor Calibration System (designed in-house)

MPOD, UPOD, EJPOD, GPOD, and various other POD Units (designed in house using low-cost gas-phase sensors)

Flux/Deposition Monitoring Chambers (designed in-house)



Particulate Composition Analysis Instruments:


GC/MS (Agilent)

Laboratory ECOC (Sunset Labs)

Filter Weigh Box (custom-built)




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