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Monitoring Sites

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Map of the Hannigan Group Monitoring Sites


View DASH & Coarse PM Sampling Sites in a larger map



Denver Monitoring Sites


Alsup Elementary School

7101 Birch St., Commerce City, CO

Alsup (ALS, COMM) is an industrial/residential site located northeast of downtown Denver in the suburb of Commerce City. Currently the site is being used for Liza's dust deposition study and is an EPA AQS Chemical Speciation Network site for PM2.5 in Denver (AQS Site ID: 080010006). The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment also houses multiple air pollution instruments at Alsup. The CCRUSH study utilized ALS as well, housing a TEOM 1405-DF, dichotomous filter sampler, and TSP high-volume filter sampler. The site is near I-76 and the CO-36/I-25/I-270 intersection and has multiple point sources nearby including a large refinery and gravel pit.



Edison Elementary School

3350 Quitman St., Denver, CO

Edison (EDI) is an urban background site west of downtown Denver near Federal Blvd (CO-287). The DASH and CCRUSH studies both utilized this site as a contrast to other Denver monitors influence heavily by traffic and industry.



Tunnel and ladders to get to the roof of Edison...


Palmer Elementary School

955 Grape St., Denver, CO

Palmer (PAL) was the focal site for the DASH study. Located southeast of downtown Denver and south of Colfax Ave, the site is still in use as an urban background site for studying the gas/particle partitioning of semi-volatile organic compounds.


Continuous Air Monitoring Project (CAMP)



Denver Municipal Animal Shelter (DMAS)




Boulder/Erie Monitoring Sites


Boulder Atmospheric Observatory Tower

Erie, CO

The Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) Tower is an incredible facility located east of Boulder in Erie, CO. This 1000 foot tower is dedicate solely to atmospheric and meteorological studies. Currently NOAA and CU are starting a pilot program for the tower to be used extensively by scientists throughout Colorado starting in 2013.




Greeley Monitoring Sites


Maplewood Elementary School

1201 21st Ave., Greeley, CO


Maplewood (MAP) is a residential site located in Greeley, CO. This site was used extensively during the CCRUSH study as a contrast to the urban environment of Denver. Local industry includes farming activities, large cattle feedlots, and meat processing plants.



McAuliffe Elementary School

600 51st Ave., Greeley, CO

McAuliffe (MCA) is the sister site to Maplewood, located 3km east in another residential area in Greeley. This site was used as a secondary site in Greeley during the CCRUSH study.



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