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Joanna G Casey (redirected from Joanna Gordon)

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Joanna is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at CU BoulderShe received a B.S. in Physics from Fort Lewis College in 2007.  Her undergraduate research included an observational study of type 1a supernovae, as well as the design and construction of high altitude balloon satellite experiments. 


More recently, Joanna has become interested in the clean, sustainable, and appropriate use of natural resources.   In 2011, she began to address some of these issues from an engineering perspective.  She worked through Engineers Without Boarders to design and implement gravity fed water systems in Ecuador and Laos. Helping to construct these water systems peaked her awareness of the global scarcity of natural resources, and the inequity of their distribution, begging the question:  In each community, and for each population, how can the resources at hand be best utilized to facilitate a reasonable standard of living? Now and into the future.  In 2012, Joanna worked with a small team of CU engineering students and faculty to create curriculum for a Haitian Sustainable Energy Vocational Training Program


Closer to home, Joanna is currently working to understand the Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction on Air Quality in the Rocky Mountains.  In her free time she can be found enjoying the outdoors in beautiful Colorado.

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